Coming together in wisdom to make life a celebration

Coming together in wisdom to make life a celebration

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Basket Process – Being in the Present

Krishnan Aravind
Nov 24, 2015 at 9:07 PM PST

Basket Process – Being in the Present

I would like to share an interesting process I learned from Sri Sri and have been using for the past few months to be in the present moment. It is a type of meditation in activity, which enhances our abilities, brings more awareness towards the wavering nature of the mind, and allows us to give our 100%. Meditation is normally considered to be a relaxation technique, one that we do while sitting in a comfortable posture; however this technique is more of a process one can use while in activity.


Typically during the day, our mind goes either to the past or to the future, with few moments being fully in the present. The mind likes to bring up memories from the past, which give us happiness or regret, or thoughts about the future, which create anxiety and uncertainty. In this circle, there is no room for experiencing the present! How can we change this?

Imagine during the day, that there are two imaginary baskets around you, one for thoughts about the past (on your left), and the other for thoughts of the future (on your right). Whenever you get a thought about the past, immediately put it in the left-hand basket; and for a thought about future, put it into the right-hand basket. This allows our consciousness more opportunities to be in the present.

Giving our 100% to the task at hand, and letting go of the past and future, is a skill we get to develop by using this process. When we are expecting or waiting for a result, we may feel anxiety or feverishness. The simple way to handle this is to take an intention for the desired result, and put that in the future basket. The more time we allow the intention to stay in the basket, the more we give the divine an opportunity to manifest it.

Like with any other process, we become good at implementing this only through practice. There will be times in the beginning when the mind will try to get the intention out of the basket, and involve it in discussions. That’s perfectly fine. As Sri Sri says, just take the intention again, and allow it to go back into the basket. If the thought again comes, just tell yourself, “Aha, mind! You have won now,” and put it back in the basket! This way, we train our mind. If we keep doing this, our mind will get finally tired and say, “Spirit, you have won!”

Gradually as we practice this technique, we can transcend from the small mind to the big mind. We can live the joy of the present moment, which is really the only moment there is!

Special thanks to Sanjeev Mathur, for inspiring, and supporting me in writing this article.

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Krishnan Aravind

Krishnan Aravind

Krishnan Aravind

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