Coming together in wisdom to make life a celebration

Coming together in wisdom to make life a celebration

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Like a baby in the cradle…be happy

Dec 3, 2013 at 11:03 PM PST

Recently I became a father and after the initial wave of congratulatory notes and “so cute” remarks came the deep realization that I had no clue of what needed to be done with this little angel who slept happily in my lap.  It also occurred to me how blissful the baby was – not because she had figured everything out but simply because somewhere her being was programmed to be taken care of – i.e. deep inside, her entire being knew that it will be taken care of regardless of what happens externally.

baby in the cradleI was reminded of this message once again during an Art of Living course.  The Divine loves us unconditionally and we really have nothing to worry about.   All of our needs are being taken care of in every moment.  As I heard these words, I felt their powerful impact.  It was as if a burden was being lifted.   Surrender happened automatically.  But it was only when I saw my baby and witnessed her absolute state of surrender that I realised what those words truly meant.  The only reason why we think we are not taken care of is because we believe our own little mind knows what it needs to be happy.  We crave for a particular outcome as a means to happiness and then if that does not happen, we feel that the Divine is not present – although we are being taken care of to the maximum in every moment.

Can we be like a baby – completely surrendered and yet supremely powerful?  Is faith just knowing that everything we need will be provided?  Try this exercise – pretend you are a baby – for one night – nothing to worry about.  Know that everything is being taken care of – the food you need will come to you, all of your basic needs will be provided…experience the freedom from within and the deep state of surrender…..this is what it truly means to be happy!

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