Coming together in wisdom to make life a celebration

Coming together in wisdom to make life a celebration

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Feb 28, 2014 at 8:27 PM PST



Life expands exponentially when your heart is open to love! Early in the morning, with a very cold wind, the ground was frozen so solid it would not even crunch when stepped on. I boarded a plane from Dulles to San Francisco with only the moon and stars in the sky.

The faint red glow of the Sun over the horizon soon became visible. As the sunrise got closer, hints of orange peeked through. I was flying in the sky with the sunrise, dancing together over a cold Earth blanketed by snow. All of the colors of the spectrum reflected off the pure white surface.

It was cold below, but the hearts of humanity kept the warmth. I watched as the life-giving force lit up the planet below. The sky was clear and the ground white from the east coast through the vast Midwest. We were then blanketed by clouds a if seeing into an abyss of cushioning.

The sky opened up for my eyes to see some of America’s greatest wonders.  I felt my eyes tear up when the majestic, snow covered rocky mountains punched through. Back in cloud cover again, the next wonder was every bit as awe inspiring. What looked like snow covered plateaus became edges around a great Caldera. One of it’s sides had been broken through by it’s own lava flows frozen in time and frozen once more by this beautiful polar vortex.

Again we sailed into the clouds, which opened to my eyes for the next wonder. A snow covered Grand Canyon was there beneath me. It was truly beautiful. We drifted through the clouds some more before experiencing the majestic Sierra Mountains which resembled a tsunami of rock.

It was then I realized the quantum state of that which appears static. The mountains are the wave form of rock! As we flew over, each uprising resembled waves of seawater with froth on the crest of the waves formed by the snow caps. The troughs between the crests looked like flowing earth as rift valleys formed. A wind farm with the mightiest of turbines in all of it’s plenitude looked like toothpicks in the ground. We finally reached the central valley, back to warmer temperatures as the plane landed for my layover.

This was the greatest sunrise of my life.

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