Coming together in wisdom to make life a celebration

Coming together in wisdom to make life a celebration

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What Impact Do Your Words have on the Environment?

Patti Montella
Jan 3, 2014 at 11:29 AM PST

Washington Park DenverThe air was crisp and the sun warm when I headed out this morning for a walk in historical Washington Park, a bedrock of the Denver community where I live. The famous philanthropist, Molly Brown, (of Titanic fame) who helped to shape our dear Victorian city, also contributed to the planning of this historical urban park. It all seemed peaceful enough until a woman riding a bike through the park passed a man rollerblading while holding a hockey stick…apparently too close for his comfort.

“TOO CLOSE, TOO CLOSE!” the man shouted at the cyclist, along with an abundance of profanities. A middle-aged woman was walking behind images-3him. She put her hands over her mouth and shouted, “ANGER! ANGER!”apparently to wake him up that he was spreading anger. The cyclist said a few words and kept on riding.

The man continued to roller blade and shout profanities at the now long gone cyclist. He skated past a family with small children who were taking photographs in the park. The parents scolded the skater for his use of anger and profanity. “ANGER ANGER” the woman who was now jogging shouted out a second time. With that, the man came back to his senses and apologized to the family.

I chuckled to myself. This little scenario was quite a contrast to what anyone might experience under the same circumstances in many other cities throughout the country. Denver is the most educated city in America, with the highest number of high school and college graduates. It has the highest number of Baby Boomers than any other city in the USA.

People here will speak up when someone demonstrates a lack of awareness with regard to the environment, whether it’s a failure to recycle, social injustice or in this case, spreading negativity in a public park.

Showing off your anger and/or speaking obscenities when you don’t agree with someone’s viewpoint or action reflects an immature and unrefined consciousness. It may seem harmless at the time but that short burst of anger out of misguided self-righteousness actually holds the same seed of hatred that fuels acts of violence and terrorism. The skill is learning to accept the situation or person as they are and then take action from a place of inner strength and equanimity. An emotion fueled response in communication is a weak response.

In the 1990’s Dr. Masaru Emoto conducted research on the physical impact of words on the crystalline structure of water. The photos below are one example. To learn more about this amazing research,
click on Dr. Emoto’s Water Experiment.

You make me sick I will kill you!                                                                            Love and Appreciation

Human Values had a small victory today. A simple roadside exchange provided a great opportunity for many people to share in learning and uplifting the environment. I applaud the people who gently but firmly spoke up to create an awareness of the negativity being spread by one person. I also applaud the man on the roller blades who took responsibility for his words and apologized. Way to go Washington Park!

Education in human values is the need of the hour throughout the world. If more people learned how to manage their emotions and mind we would all enjoy less stress, greater happiness and improved relationships with ourselves and one another and conflict would have the chance to be dealt with non-violently.

What kind of impact do you want to have on your mind, body, others and the environment?


The next time you feel the urge to spew out an obscenity, or lash out in anger – you may want to think about the crystals in the water and take a long deep breath before you respond. Do you want to put forth brown sludge like matter in the world and in yourself or do you prefer to create clear snowflake crystals?
Peace really does begin with YOU.

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Patti Montella
Senior Faculty Member, Art of Living Foundation sharing the teachings of renowned spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.